🌟 What is Viet Bao and what is its goals ?

Not just a restaurant or ”nhà hàng” in Vietnamese, Viet Bao is meant to be more of a home, ”nhà”, a comfortable and supportive space for me and you to express ourselves, try new ideas, learn, grow and support each other. The home for people who are humble, think not only by the mind but also by the heart, to be curious and ask why, to explore, dare to step out of their comfort zone and ”find happiness in making others happy with good food and dedication”.

As entrepreneurs rooted from Lappeenranta, we wish to bring food diversity and positive value to our city. Established during the challenging time of the Corona pandemic and also the obesity pandemic, Viet Bao’s mission is to share wholesome, nutritious and cultural food experience to people, promote local economy and become a place of LOVE and passion, full of opportunity and creativity. Thus, we are looking for people who wish to work/ to cook with a purpose!

🤩 Who we are looking for?

Kitchen, Front Desk and Internship positions
Responsible and a team player
People who always think ”how things could be improved”
Careful and organised in their work
Have a valid Hygiene passport, negative Salmonella
😎 Why choosing Viet Bao to work at?

As a startup, Viet Bao is an open dynamic space for you to dream, think of new ideas, and realize them while utilizing all the knowledge that you have learned and develop further with the support of Viet bao family’s members.
Working in a respectful and welcoming community.
As much freedom and encouragement as you need to create something of your own, prove yourself and be proud.
Salary: Competitive, flexible depending on the level of your skill set and how fast you progress.
Possibility to be rewarded for your extraordinary working result
Meal at Viet Bao restaurant.
Flexible working hours, you can choose the time when you want to work.
**If you are new to restaurant industry and do not have much experiences, welcome to join us an intern. Interns will receive various rights and benefits that are generously offered by Viet Bao to sustain their study-work-life balance.
**Internship Allowance up to €1600.
✅ Next step:

If you are excited about working in a high-growth environment, taking initiative, and being part of an extremely ambitious team, send your CV, application letter and get the conversation going!

The positions will be filled as soon as we find the right fits. Recruiter: Tho Nguyen: emily@vietbao.fi